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Message maker to work together.

Virtual Reality Short Film

San Francisco over 3 years
Director looking for Editors
August 2017
December 2017

Maker Notes

I am looking for someone with indepth knowledge in editing VR videos for a VR short film I am to shoot. Also feel free if you want to be a part of this project. For this project I am the director and I am looking for willing people interested in contributing. 

About SG

I am a photographer & VR content creator currently living in San Francisco, California. A humble guy with a kin towards seeing things differently.

I am looking at telling a wonderful story.

Ditched my MBA to capture the universe that resides in my eye.

In a nutshell : A photographer | A dreamer | A storyteller.

My IG : _ _ sg _ _ _ 
Website : https://s.pictures/