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Suntegrity Makeup Brand Shoot

Huntingtn Bch over 3 years
Photographer looking for Models
July 2017
28 8

Maker Notes

Need models for a makeup brand shoot. Will only be taking headshots! 

About Fyona

Hey there! So I see you have stumbled across my page...I'm going to try to keep this short and simple so I don't bore you any further. I'm an artist from California, Huntington Beach. My style is basically surf, beach, skate, adventure and a little bit of urban, but really I'll shoot whatever catches my eye. I like to go on adventures to explore the unknown and living life on the edge a little bit. I mean whatever you got to do to get the shots right?! A few reasons of why I got into photography is because I love meeting new creatives and being exposed to different perspectives of what the world and people has to offer. Well I hope that was a good enough amount of info for you to absorb in and get to know about me. If you're still reading this I hope we can meet or collab one day! Shoots!