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Redwood Forest Adventure

Arcata over 3 years
Photographer looking for Filmmakers, Photographers, Models
August 2017

Maker Notes

On my way up to Oregon I'm stopping at the redwoods for a few hours and would be dope to have someone else to explore them with! Will only be there from like 11am-5pm but would be dope to collab with someone there and snag some awesome pics! Anyone is welcome!

About Corey Favino

Located in Narragansett, Rhode Island. Junior photography student, addicted to adventure, travel, and experiences. Love collaborating with new people showcasing photos that embody living life in the most epic ways possible. 

I like to shoot in a very folk-esque / vintage vibe and I have a huge passion for astrophotography. Would love to branch out and work with new people and create new content!