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Message maker to work together.

Looking to collaborate with models in San Francisco between October 16th and 23rd

San Francisco over 3 years
Photographer looking for Models
October 2017
August 2017

Maker Notes

I am a photographer from London UK and I will be in San Francisco between October 16th and 23rd and I am looking to get in contact with some models who might be interested in doing a shoot with me. 

I don't necessarily have anything in mind, just looking to get in touch with anyone who likes the look of my work and would like to work with me while I am there. I shoot using natural light and would like to do some interior and exterior shoots in cool locations. 

Completely open to ideas and meeting fellow creatives! 

About Riccardo Servini

I am a professional filmmaker and portrait photographer.

You can see most of my work on my instagram: @RicBebop

I have been directing and editing for over 10 years and my main focus is experimental, raw, naturalistic, artistic work that focuses on loss, longing, memories, anxiety and exploration of the body. I am pushing more into Photography now and continuing these themes in my stills.

I tend to shoot with available or natural light and sometimes build my own lights for certain shots.  I push more towards a filmic look and mostly avoid commercial looking photos. I rarely do studio shoots, I'm more interested in location shooting interior or exterior.

Collaboration is very important to me which also leads into a lot of improvisation in both my filmmaking and photography. 

I'm very open to chatting to people about ideas and I want to work with lots of new people on film and photography shoots. I'm continuing to learn and experiment so whether it's a heavily planned project or an impromptu photoshoot, please get in touch.

My film work can be found on www.riccardoservini.com please get in touch if you are looking for a Filmmaker, I specialise as a Director and Editor.

Instagram/Twitter @RicBebop