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LGBTQ+ couple wanted for SF shoot

San Francisco 5 months
Photographer looking for Models
March 2018
21 30

Maker Notes

You = awesome, genuine LGBTQ+ couple.

Me = Fun, reliable San Francisco wedding photographer.

You're a loved-up couple that wants gorgeous pictures to immortalize this time in your lives.

We'll arrange a call or meeting to talk through ideas and locations prior to shooting. 

I’m flexible with timing – it will be whenever suits you. 

Contact me via Instagram @zoe.larkin 

About @zoe.larkin

I’m a San Francisco Bay Area-based photographer of intimate weddings, just freshly moved here from the UK at the end of 2016. My photography style is bright, pastel and airy with a predominance of light tones. My style is both bold and tender, modern and timeless, edgy and romantic. In my professional work, I’m an emotional storyteller of unconventional couples, and seek to serve those who are underrepresented in the mainstream wedding narrative: non-traditional, POC and LGBTQ+ couples. My passion is for portraiture and storytelling. I’d love to tell your story through my lens. My photography is highly relational and I believe that being comfortable with one another is what leads to wonderful images. Read more about me on my website www.zoelarkin.com or my Instagram @zoe.larkin.