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IG + Retail + Meetup = (heart)

San Francisco 17 days
Photographer looking for Models, Photographers

Maker Notes

Greetings - my name is Andre and I have been the organizer for the E-commerce San Francisco monthly meetups for over 3 years ( 542 members).  

For the past year I have been helping organize the SF PHP Community meetups (2,635 members). 

I have started a new San Francisco Instagram meetup group. (note there are just 77 members but that number will go up when we start scheduling meetups) 

Besides having meetups where we all learn more about Instagram - I am very interested in using this to help local independent retail shops in San Francisco. Here is the pitch: 

There are Photographer / Content creators on Instagram: 
who are looking to photograph interesting content and Model / Influencers. 

There are Model / Influencers on Instagram:
who are looking for Photographers / content creators to take photos of them.. 

There are local retail stores:  
who need photos / content for their Instagram accounts.
AND who could really benefit from location based posts from photographers / content creators and model / influencers.
AND would also benefit from more followers and engagement from real people (versus the follow bots).

And there are people who for a lot of different reasons are interested in Instagram, want to learn more about it, and who will show up for a local meetup. 

So how about - we do a meetup at a retail store - take lots of pictures, do live stories, share our instagram accounts with each other for more follows and followers, and most importantly - create a bunch of beautiful content that can be used by great local retail businesses. There are many really cool retail stores in San Francisco that have beautiful interiors and interesting products - which makes for winning Instagram content! 

For example think about a retail store with clothing - now the Models have different outfits to wear, the Photographers have many different options for photos, and the Retail store gets high quality posts and photos. 

Thats the pitch - the first priority is finding retail businesses who are: 
* Active on Instagram. Hopefully this project will also inspire local retail to get more active on Instagram, but at first want to concentrate on businesses who are already using Instagram actively. 
* In San Francisco 
* Are locally owned or at least not part of some massive chain. We want to help these local businesses who don’t have a huge marketing budget. 

Once we get this going - there are SO MANY EXCITING possibilities for how this could grow! I have just started this Nubko account so if interested please contact me. And you can also contact me through Meetup. 

About andre marigold

* E-commerce Developer (Shopify, Amazon, Shipping, Multi-channel) 
* Meetup Organizer
* Photographer / Artrepeneur
* Tidal Wanderer *