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Filmmaker looking for Video Models!!

SF over 2 years
Filmmaker looking for Models, Actors
February 2018
April 2018

Maker Notes

Hello! So what I'm looking to do more of is concept-modeling videos; alot of my stuff is boudoir/lingerie & bikini- but street fashion, casual wear, chic/classy, etc all work too. 

Collabing on concepts and styles is always welcomed so let me know your thoughts, and maybe other videos or films that you like and let's make something! 

Quick note for video- If you don't have video experience, that's fine, but what I like to do now is get to know you before we shoot, since video is much more transparent then just modeling for photography. AKA it's harder to fake something, so being comfortable in-front of the camera and with me/having confidence is really important in order to have that come across in the final edit. If you already have some film/video experience that's cool too!

Of course you will get a copy of the video and if we end up taking some stills you get those as well. I can also throw in pizza after the shoot to sweeten the deal, mainly because I love pizza... 

Anyways! Check out my linked IG to see more of what I'm about and a few of my videos and if you are interested let's talk, feel free to DM me if that's any easier. Thanks!

About Nick Zaglmayr

Video Content Creator. Highly experienced in video creation in the areas of Nightlife, Concerts, & Events, Fashion & Modeling, Weddings & Real Estate, and Automotive Companies & Luxury Vehicles.