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Down to Earth California Model Available for Shoots (Upscale fashion or lingerie?)

Boston almost 3 years
Model looking for Directors, Filmmakers, Photographers
February 2018
19 21

Maker Notes

Hi there!
Thanks for checking out my travel notice. I'm in Boston this week. I will probably have some free time when I'm here, so it would be great to get some modeling in when I'm in the area. I'm available for select TF and most paid shoots.

WHEN: I'll be in Boston 2/18-21. My schedule looks pretty packed for 2/18 but I will probably have some time the other days I'm in town. 

WHERE: I have a hotel room we can shoot at in Back Bay. I'm open to indoor locations in the main area of Boston.

WHAT: I'd love to shoot a sexy, classy mysterious-type concept. I have lingerie and nice clothing packed. I'm also open to wearing something you have, too. For this concept, I imagine myself to be a sexy, faceless woman. She's intriguing, mysterious and ever-elusive. You feel like you know here and yet there's something about her that is hidden.
Open to some nudity, but not required.
If that doesn't sound interesting, we can shoot portraiture or another genre as long as you have the clothes for it.

WHO: I'm open work working with photographers, stylist, H/MUAs and videographers. Photographers/videographers should be willing to sign Photo Session Agreement. I've worked with too many photographers to take too long ( or refuse) to get my photos back to me.

HOW: Email is the best way to contact me. My email is [email protected] My IG handle is @sara.binde and Facebook is @sarabindemodel. I don't update my Facebook regularly.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to ask.

About Sara Binde

I'm Sara Binde, and I believe that healthy is sexy.
I focus on lingerie and boudoir modeling to show that healthy women are sexy women. And as long as women are healthy, they don't need to worry about being perfect.
I perform best shooting on location.