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California Girl: LA Photoshoot with SF model

Los Angeles almost 3 years
Model looking for Filmmakers, Photographers
February 2018
12 13

Maker Notes

Hi there! 
Thanks for checking out my casting call. I’m going to be in Los Angeles February 12-13th and would like to work with a local photographer for a TF shoot. 

I have the following concept in mind: California Girl. Showing off SoCal-living by doing an anonymous shoot that epitomizes living in California. 

Location: Could be on the beach (particularly Venice beach), Hollywood Park, Greystone Mansion and Gardens, Santa Monica Pier, Downtown, Echo Lake Park, Melrose Ave District. I’m open to suggestions, too. I want it to look like California. Palm trees are a plus! 

Wardrobe: Balance of casual, stylish and upscale attire. I’ll only have what I pack in my suitcase, though… unless you have pieces to share and/or we can get a stylist on board. 

Who: Open to photographers, stylists, videographers, H/MUA's & other creatives. 
I’m looking for a creatives that are easy to work with and will give me back photos in a reasonable amount of time. I’m hoping I can get photos back in 2 weeks max. Also looking for photographers who work with model releases. 

NO CREDIT is desired for this shoot. I’d like to make it feel like it could be any California Girl, so no tagging on IG, Facebook, etc. 

Please EMAIL me if you’re interested. My email is [email protected] I’m happy to answer any/all questions you may have. 

If you’d like to see some of my other experience/work you can check out: 
Instagram: instagram.com/sara.binde 
Website: sarabinde.com 

Sara Binde

About Sara Binde

I'm Sara Binde, and I believe that healthy is sexy.
I focus on lingerie and boudoir modeling to show that healthy women are sexy women. And as long as women are healthy, they don't need to worry about being perfect.
I perform best shooting on location.