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Message maker to work together.

Roseman - a Documentary Project

Poughkeepsie about 4 years

Maker Notes

“Time is the main element of my work. The effort to fill it with meaning, to deal with its relentlessness and to periodically supersede its insistence with the experience of an infinite presence, an infinite presence that could traverse ten minutes or five hours at a stretch.”	
—Harry Roseman, 2006

After speaking with Harry Roseman about three of his projects, Visitors, Groups, and The Bolt, it became apparent there were ties between his work that weave an interesting visual narrative. His work Groups involves him corralling large gatherings of friends and family as he takes a snapshot of time. Visitors is similar in nature, but less chaotic and focuses specifically on people he has over to his home. The Bolt unlike the first two is a drawing/sculpture project. But as he spends hours drawing a woven texture on cloth, one can’t help but get a sense of the passage of time. I hope to draw a parallel between his projects, both of which will only terminate when he is no longer able to add to them (Death), in this documentary. 

In addition to this time-focused narrative, I am interested in documenting the work of an Artist in a rich visual way, but more importantly in a way that captures the ethos of the artist’s work—meta, indeed. There is something incredibly tactile about watching an artist experiment and work with their craft and I believe The Bolt, while not riveting, may be graphically appealing. Exit Through the Gift Shop is an excellent example of this and I think there would be a great opportunity to include similar shots of works being produced. The Film does not have to be presented linearly, that is the beauty of it, so this may be a good opportunity to explore some subjective editing or more abstract storytelling. Furthermore, matching Harry’s work, I seek to capture a “snapshot” or portrait of his lives and the group that surrounds him. 

I want the film to be relatively unobtrusive. The film should move out of the way of the subject. The documentaries Helvetica and Objectified come to mind when thinking about a clean way to present the subject. 

About Bryce Daniel

Filmmaker, photographer, and visual storyteller looking for some talented people to work with. Currently based in SF/Oakland. @bryceoflife on instagram.