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Travel travel

Lansing almost 4 years

Maker Notes

Heyoo!! My name is Zach! (Zach.hagy) I am moving out to LA in January and I am going to do a road trip from Michigan! I will
Be traveling with a mode (sarahjolzzz) and I would love to connect with any of you in these states! (Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and California!) I will be making a short film about our travel! I want to connect with as many creatives as possible and I want everyone we meet on the may to be apart of this short film! Each person we meet I want to film something they have in mind and do a voice over of them saying some inspiration/ passion of theirs! Let me know if you wanna connect! This can be super cool! Creating a film that is inspired from people from the east- west coast of the country!! 
[email protected]

About Zachariah hagy

Hey guys my name is Zach! I am a photographer/cinematographer! I am based in Denver. If you want to connect feel free to contact me!